New Relationship with Dad Is Something to Celebrate

New Relationship with Dad Is Something to Celebrate

Today we’re welcoming one of my classmates from Write Brilliant Academy, Vanessa Luu. Take a minute to peruse her blog and find out more about her:

Vanessa is a Wife and Mother of two beautiful girls and lives her life committed to the plans God has for her, Her purpose is to share the lessons and inspirations God has given her through a coaching business, and her passion to communicate through writing so she can help others live a more abundant life while on this earth. Please enjoy Vanessa’s post!

Today I am thankful for my Dad. Growing up I always loved him and I knew he loved me. But I would never say we were close. There was also a time span of about 2 years where I was very angry with him. He had violated my Mom’s trust. It made me very angry, because I had a good Christian family, and this stuff wasn’t suppose to happen. For my parents things went down hill, ending in divorce. As for me and my Dad things became neutral. I had truly forgiven him and decided to focus on the good he had done for me and not the bad he had done to my Mom.

As years went on I viewed my Dad as an important person in my life, but we still weren’t close. Our conversations were need based, but nothing more. After my 1st daughter was born I saw him more. He would come take my daughter to the park while I taught signing lessons. I really liked that. I would thank him, and it made my heart happy that he wanted to spend time with his granddaughter. I still wouldn’t consider us close. We still didn’t converse, but I was content.

My Dad and I both lived in the same city, which was nice, because it’s always nice to have family close, and because it made seeing the kids on the weekend (although the visits weren’t as frequent now) easy. But time moved on and my family moved about 30 miles away. Not too bad, but still not as convenient. I can’t remember the exact date, but one day my Dad called and he said something like, Hey I really want to spend time with you and the girls. So is there any time you have on Saturday’s that we can get together and have coffee? I just want to spend time with you. I remember thinking it was so sweet and also felt kind of weird. What would we talk about?

All of that started about 4 years ago and I just came home from our Saturday coffee date. It is such a blessing. I feel SO close to my Dad and I appreciate the sacrifice of his time (and money) for treating us every weekend for 4 years, and for no other reason than to connect with me and my girls and to just spend time together.

We have wonderful conversations and the best part is, I do feel close to him now. In fact I say he is my number one supporter. I know he has my back and wholeheartedly believes in me! It’s an incredible feeling to know there is someone who knows me, the real me, and loves all of me. I have no stipulations or manipulations with my Dad. Just love and support. It is such a beautiful thing.

Today I am thankful for my Dad.



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