About Me

About Me


Welcome to Full of Joy! I’m so happy you stopped by. My name is Abigail. Yes, I like to be called Abigail. Ab or Abs work too, if you fancy.

Some things that make me really JOY-filled are Starbucks, coffee with flavored creamer, UNsweet iced tea, a new outfit, burning candles, essential oils all the way, amazing worship music, the beach, writing something slammin’, sparkling water from Aldi, hysterically laughing with a close friend, Christmas, Summer, getting my hair done by the best hair dresser on the planet- Sharon, having a room decorated the way I dreamed, sweet & fizzy wine in a pretty glass, reading a fabulous Christian-fiction novel, listening to Beth Moore- or better yet- seeing/hearing her live, my own chocolate chip cookies, Trader Joe’s rocks my world, pizza every Friday night,shopping at Target, getting presents, and good shows- Call the Midwife, Cheers, Frasier, Gilmore Girls, The West Wing, World of Dance, and hello- THIS IS US!

Just a few N-O’s. Large group games. Messiness. Being wet. Raw vegetables, cream cheese, cheesecake, mayonnaise, mushrooms, or sour cream. No Abby. (Please and thank you.) Chaos. Travel. Grocery shopping. Cooking. Tummy fluff.

My world includes an irresistibly sexy husband. Together we have created two passionate, edible, fascinating, and hilarious little beings. Raising them is the most excruciating, impossible (in comes Jesus), most incredible, and sacred privilege I have ever had.

I am living life in freedom. Saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ. He gave me life worth living on a daily basis. Through Jesus I am whole. Complete. Identified. And yes, Full Of Joy.