The BEST Parts of Thanksgiving!

The BEST Parts of Thanksgiving!

We made it friends! It’s DAY 23 of the #thankfultoday Series! Happy Thanksgiving to all! There is much to be thankful for today, and here are just a few that come to mind. It would warm my heart to pieces to hear the things YOU are thankful for today!

~being together with my man and kiddos

~spending all day with family, new friends, relatives, and the dog (shout out to Jovie!)

~the huge Christmas tree my parents already put up

~being able to hear what everyone is thankful for while eating pumpkin pie and MANNINGS ice cream cake

~finishing this blog series (it was A LOT of work, haha!)

~no agenda, lots of time to gab

~lots of people to love and be loved by

~Jesus- who unites us all in One Body and One Spirit

~Gertrude Hawks Santa Smidgens

~coffee with FLAVORED CREAMER because HELLO. It’s a HOLIDAY!

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